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driving instructors Coventry
driving instructors Coventry
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1st Gear Driving Lessons

You need to choose your driving instructor carefully as getting the right one can make a huge difference, not only to your skill level but also to how long it takes to get to the standard required to pass your driving test!

With 1st Gear Learner Driving School Coventry you can be sure of receiving the best tuition possible. With patience and care at every lesson, we will bring out your own driving skills, at your own pace. You also need to feel confident and safe during every lesson - sure in the knowledge that your lessons really are giving you a high level of tuition.

You will be with the same instructor every time, enabling you to build a good relationship where your instructor understands the areas you need to improve and also the areas you are already able to handle effectively!

Our standard driving lessons are between 1 and 2 hours - just contact 1st Gear to get on the right path towards successfully passing your driving test.

Intensive Driving Courses Mean Learning to Drive in Days Rather Than Months!

Intensive Course or a Crash Course at 1st Gear Learner Driving School Coventry

Intensive driving courses make it possible for almost anyone to learn to drive and be ready for the practical driving test in days, rather than by learning to drive by taking regular hourly lessons over a long period of time, running into many months, or even years.

This is ideal for those wishing to progress to test standard in the shortest possible time.

At 1st Gear Learner Driving School Coventry we keep your course consistent, you are with the same instructor for the duration of your course, enabling you to build a good trusting relationship which will help your confidence to grow and your progress to be monitored closely and effectively. This enables the instructor to allow the progression onto the next stage of the course with structure and confidence in what you have already learnt.

On average up to 20% of the weekly lesson is spent on recapping the previous lesson. Further time is spent on travelling between the lesson starting places and training areas. With intensive courses the need for recapping is almost eliminated, and travelling time is kept to a minimum which will mean more tuition in fewer hours.

Assessment Lesson
Wherever possible we like to conduct an assessment driving lesson before running an intensive driving course as this gives us a chance to see your driving ability and learning style before planning an intensive driving course that will help you achieve the high standard that is required to pass and remain a safe driver for life. It will also give you confidence in my ability to help you through what can be a very stressful course. You also have the option of backing out if you don't think it is for you.

You can do this lesson before you take your driving theory test, but remember we cannot book your practical driving test until you have passed your driving theory test. The assessment lesson is 1.5 hours and costs £30.

Intensive Driving Courses Mean Learning to Drive in Days Rather Than Months!

Pass Plus with 1st Gear Learner Driving School Coventry

The Pass Plus Course has been designed to make newly qualified drivers better drivers. The Pass Plus was set up by the DSA to encourage newly qualified drivers to undergo further training with an ADI.

The Pass Plus will not only give newly qualified drivers further driving experience and enhance their skills, it will allow them to reduce the cost of their car insurance as many car insurance companies offer a substantial discount to drivers who have successfully completed the Pass Plus Course.

The Pass Plus consists of the following modules:

Town Driving;

  • Observations, judgment and awareness
  • Eye contact
  • Consideration for vulnerable road users
  • Keeping space around your car

All-Weather Driving;

  • Correct speed
  • Safe stopping distances
  • Seeing and being see in rain, sleet, snow and ice
  • Skidding, cause and prevention, correcting slow-speed skids, braking on poor surfaces, aquaplaning

Driving Out Of Town;

  • Observation of the road ahead
  • Making progress safely
  • Bends, hills, uneven roads, dead ground
  • Keeping a safe distance from the vehicle ahead
  • Overtaking safely
  • Being aware of and showing consideration for pedestrians, horse riders, animals in the road, farm entrances and slow-moving vehicles

Night Driving;

  • The importance of the correct use of headlights
  • Adjusting to dark conditions
  • Judging speed and distances
  • Correct use and care of lights
  • Dealing with dazzle
  • Road users who can be difficult to see
  • Parking

Driving on Dual Carriageways;

  • Effective observation
  • Use of mirrors and checking blind areas
  • Judgment and planning well ahead
  • Safe separation distances
  • Joining and leaving dual carriageways
  • Lane discipline
  • Overtaking
  • Correct use of speed

Driving On Motorways;

  • Planning journeys in advance
  • Joining and leaving motorways
  • Using slip roads properly and effectively
  • Safe speeds for varying circumstances
  • Effective all-round observation
  • Signs, signals and markings
  • Overtaking and lane discipline
  • Courtesy towards other road users
  • Motorway fatigue
  • Breakdown procedures
  • Use of lights and hazard warning lights
  • Debris on the carriageway
  • Crosswinds

You do not pass the Pass Plus by taking an exam or test. Your 1st Gear Learner Driving School instructor monitors and assesses your performance as you go through and complete the six modules.

Each Pass Plus Course must consist of at least six hours training. During the course your driving instructor will record your progress on a training report form. When the instructor is satisfied you have successfully completed the course you will be issued with a Certificate of Completion.

Only driving instructors who are registered as Pass Plus Instructors can give the course.

A Refresher Driving Course Can Restore Your Confidence in Driving

Refresher Driving Courses with 1st Gear Learner Driving School Coventry

Refresher driving lessons will suit you if;

  • You've passed your test but haven't driven much since (if at all)
  • You're moving to a quieter location and it will mean you'll need to drive again
  • You need to drive as part of your job
  • You need to brush up your skills
  • You lack confidence in a particular skill
  • You intend to supervise your son or daughter whilst they're learning with an ADI and you need to know you're teaching correctly
  • You want to get behind the wheel of a car again after a long break
  • You need to drive again just to ferry the children around and do the 'School Run'
  • You were involved in an accident either as the driver or passenger
  • Your partner has got fed up with driving you around - and you're getting nagged!

How many lessons do you think I'll need?

  • That's up to you
  • Most people choose a 3 hour course and then appraise their own performance and confidence
  • There's no pressure on you at any stage
  • You decide if you want to take further lessons after your initial course

Call 1st Gear Learner Driving School Coventry for a quick assesment and let our qualified instructor help you to decide whether a driving refresher course will help you.

Get An Experienced Driving Instructor in Coventry - Choose 1st Gear!

Non UK Drivers

If you have never driven in Britain before, it is a good idea to take a refresher driving course with us to familiarise yourself with the road systems and traffic signs. Contact 1st Gear Learner Driving School Coventry Now to book your Refresher lessons.

Here is some information about the documentation you will need:

Driving In The UK With A Non-UK Licence
Subject to certain conditions, you can drive in the UK for 12 months with a valid driving licence issued in another country, and as long as you fulfil the minimum age requirement (17 for motorcars and motorcycles).

With a valid European Community licence, you are authorised to drive in the UK. You can if you wish apply to exchange it for a UK licence.

Licences issued in the European Community and European Economic Area make up two groups that are treated equally. The full list is:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Republic of Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden & the United Kingdom.

If you hold a driving licence from a country other than those listed above, you can drive any category of small vehicle shown on your licence for up to 12 months from the time you became resident in the UK, providing the licence is still valid.

If, after 12 months, you wish to continue driving in the UK, you must apply for a Provisional British licence and pass a Driving Test before the 12 month period ends.

If you receive your Provisional Licence before the end of 12 months, you are not required to follow some conditions applicable to Provisional UK residents (e.g. displaying ‘L’ plates, being supervised by a qualified driver, prohibited from using motorways). Be warned: if you do not apply within this time period, you must stop driving and obtain a Provisional Licence with a view to passing a Driving test and full Provisional Licence conditions will apply.

If you do not pass a test within the 12 months concessionary period, you will not be allowed to drive as if you are a full Driving Licence holder, and Provisional Driving Licence conditions will still apply.

This Information is Only a Guide...
The information above is intended as a guide only. The DVLA’s information leaflet D100 gives a fuller explanation. Their leaflet INF38 covers driving in Great Britain as a visitor or a new resident. Both are available at the Post Office.

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